Monday whimsy

If you’re a regular reader of either The New York Times and/or The New Yorker, you’ll have seen the work of graphic artist/illustrator Christoph Niemann.  If I had half an ounce of his ingenuity and creativity, I’d consider myself fortunate.  Last night, I watched the first episode of Netflix’ new documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design, which was devoted to Niemann.  Just a few examples of his output are presented here.  (These eight images, along with many other, equally delightful ones, are collected in his book, Sunday Sketching).

I don’t think we can be reminded often enough that’s it’s possible to look at a humdrum, pedestrian object and see it in a completely different way.  One could argue that that’s a particularly vital skill these days.


One of his wife’s wedding shoes!


Which of these is your favorite, and why?

And then of course there’s The Gummi Bear Chronicles….


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